Modified Roller

Complete Modified minus the motor. Everything else is there. This is the black 54 car from New Smyrna. Stock front clip with all correct geometry set, super T10 4 speed, quarter master 7 1/4 v-drive clutch, throwout bearing, drive shaft, winters quickchange, howe hubs, adjustable J bar mount, crossover headers,MSD box, coil, on board fire system, double pass radiator, power steering pump,& all the hoses. The car will also come with every spare part that I have. 8 pro shocks, 4 bilstein shocks, 4 penske shocks, 12 wheels, 15 springs, 2 sway bars, & lots more. I will post pictures ASAP. Some pictures can be seen on New Smyrna’s website, look up the 2011 Gov Cup weekend or 2012 Speedweeks. Package deal $5000 OBO. Call David @ 321~436~0443.

Mod 54 pictures. I can send more pictures via text or e-mail.

Few more mod pics


Who built the chassis and what front clip was used??

Not sure who built the chassis. I bought it from the St.Pete area in 06’. The front clip is metric, but I put a camaro RF lower control arm on to get the geometry to work out. It also has gm #2 spindles on it. I have spent a lot of time on the front end to make it work. Check out the “stock” LF spindle & “stock” centerlink in the pictures above.

Still for sale. Thanks for the calls, the car is located in Sorrento.

take you and super stock roller for roller its got a brand new transmisson and torque conveter built for racing and rebuilt rearend richmond gears locker moser axles,

Thanks for the offer, but I just finished building a dirt latemodel. I am trying to down size to just one racecar. However, I could use a good spare motor. If you have one or could build one, I may trade. Thanks.

if i had the money i would it would trade you the car you could always sell it plus give you free assembly on a engine

Still for sale. Let’s make a deal.

Still for sale. Package deal, car & all spare parts. $5000 OBO.

Thanks for the calls & offers. I might trade for a dirt latemodel or a latemodel engine. Call David @ 321-436-0443.

Looking for built engine or crate?

Something built to the NLMS dirt rules or an open built motor under 362ci. Those are the engine rules for Eastbay & Ocala. Thanks.

Still for sale.

Thanks for the calls & messages. I will sell the car as a basic roller without any spare parts for $3500. Call David @321-436-0443.

intrested in a sportsman roller

Thanks for the offer, but I’m going to focus on my dirt program. Thanks.

Still for sale?

Yes it is. Call me any time, David @ 321-436-0443. Thanks.