NASCAR turn 5:The Lady in BLACK is BACK!!! Danica V/S Darlington

[B][SIZE=“3”]Set your DVD’s for the Lady in Black V/S Danica.
Here’s the schedule:
Practice - 11:30 a.m. ET Friday
Practice - 2 p.m. ET Friday
Qualifying - 5 p.m. ET Friday
Darlington - 6:30 p.m. ET Saturday

Some question to think about???
Will Danica beat the Lady in Black?
Will Hendrick finally get their 200th WIN?
Will Junior get back on the WIN list?
Will SMOKE show his 2011 skills?
So go out and enjoy your favorite Short Track and after you mow the lawn. Go the fridge and GAB SOME BUDS!!! NASCAR’s short TUFFEST Track to TAME!!! [/SIZE][/B]

They can’t make’em wreck so they keep throwing debris cautions and now not just one “Jaws” now there 2 of them. Good night.

I don’t understand how nascar stayed in business this long without Danica. What did those redneck drivers like Petty, Pearson, Cale, Waldrip, Earnhart, Bobby and Donnie, Ned Jarrett the Flock brothers, Fireball Roberts, Tiny Lund and a host of others that could drive a real stock car do for this sport. Nothing I guess. Danica finished 30 something and a few laps down and there she is telling us how and what her and the team’s plan was, not to win but finish the race. All the above when they 1st started was to win every race, even the 1st one they were in.