Paved Thunder: Lets set the record straight

As the last surviving member of the “Paved Thunder” show that is allowed on this forum I thought I’d come on a put my two cents in. I will begin with saying that yes “Paved Thunder” is always going to be a biased show towards Punta Gorda Speedway. It is our home track, we spend almost every weekend out there. Now before anyone goes and writes off the show we do provide results and news for ALL of the asphalt tracks in the state. We praise tracks for decisions/events that we think are good. We also let you know what decisions/events we think are bad. The opinions on " Paved Thunder" are that of two racers that have been to multiple tracks through out this state, and as show hosts it is our jobs to give our opinions to you. As for Rex Guy coming on to our show I personally think it was great. Rex Guy was, I believe, the first track owner we’ve had on our show. It didn’t really end the way I would have liked it to, but thats just part of doing a live show, I guess. We have always and will continue to have an open phone line. If anyone feels the need to call in to voice an opinion, feel free to. In closing, I think I can safely think that Philip and I didn’t start the show to cause drama and controversy. We just wanted to have a show all about Florida Short Track Racing, for racers, put on by racers. Thanks for reading.

-Kris Bridges

Kris I have no problem with you posting about your show but when some people go on Facebook and throw threats and other assorted childish crap around then guess what? I lock the door. Those people are now on moderated status and will stay that way. They have said many times they didnt need this website or messageboard, so be it.

But Rick, with all do respect, when you take something Philip or Tommy say and/or do on Facebook and turn around and ban them from Karnac, its almost like a personal thing. Yea I’ve seen stuff on Facebook aimed at you and several others, but thats on Facebook, not on here. And as far as I know, I have yet to see any “threats or other assorted childish crap” here on Karnac. It just doesn’t make sense to me Rick.