Top of the line rce ready super stock

1981 Malibu .This is a top of the line super stock with a fresh SOB engine with world product heads bolted to a powerglide transmission with 3.23 gears. This car has been up in the top 2 or 3 every race its been out and also has a win this year only 8 races in. Nice cage well balanced car with a new body for the 2012 season. Would consider seperating chasis and drivetrain.
Call mike at 386-527-3869



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how much$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Call mike at 386-527-3869 he just asked me to post it for him i didnt get a price from him yet

$11,000obo. Car has new turbo 350, new motor,new shocks, new bushings. If you want to know why it is so fast you will need to buy it. My loss your gain.

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No one wants a winning car

Buy this car tonight and win this saturday

So what is it a 350 or powerglide? Just wondering lol but it is fast!

350 turbo he had a powerglidle last year i though he still had the powerglide

yeah i seen it run its a 5th place car but its a nice looking built car

Ttt 10,500 car is fast and shape look car this very well build car

Good car to start the new season with car one has a few races on it body is mint

The poor guy can’t get his car sold cause you posted it and people are scared of your JUNK!

Your such a kid y do you have to run your mouth all the time don’t you have something better too do