I can see it now the new class of the future will be the SMART CAR.

Last night in the fan participation race at PGS someone entered a smart car and that car made it down to the final round and came in second in the last round. Way to go to the guy in the Smart car and it looked like it was turning good in the corners.

Here is a picture of the smart car edgeing out one of the trucks he was up against and one of the smart car in victory lane with the truck that beat him in the final. The crowd was going crazy rooting for the smart car.

5122012pgs 340.JPG

5122012pgs 350.JPG

That’s awesome,all it needs are some Legend tires and let it rip.

Don’t you mean Stupid Car! Have you seen any involved in any accidents? There are plenty on the Internet. Saves on Funeral expenses.