AMF Congratulates!!!!

AMF Chassis would like to congratulate all of our customers on a great weekend of racing!!!

Travis Roland #10 - 1st Place - Modified @ Auburndale (2 In A Row)

James Wright III #56 - 2nd Place - Modified @ Auburndale

Sean Bass #127 - Fast Time (13.99) & 5th Place - Modified @ Auburndale

Wayne Morris #98 - 2nd Quick Time (14.00) & 6th Place - Modified @ Auburndale

Doug Moff #46 - 3rd Quick Time & 4th Place - Modified @ Auburndale

Congrads to Auburndale Speedway also for a great show and car count (25-26 Modifieds in pits)
Great job to everyone and keep up the hard work!!!

Also want to include another AMF Chassis customer on the list…

Aaron Williamson #13 - 1st place - Sportsman @ DeSoto Super Speedway

Once again a big thank you to all of our customers!!!

Get ready to do it all over again this weekend!!! Best of luck to everyone!!!

AMF Chassis!!!