Bowman Gray bound...

Had my arm twisted by my step-son, and we pulled the trigger on my first ever trip there. It’s a Bucket List track for me.

He told me it was a 2- day show, but didn’t look into it until just now. How’s THIS for a deal… 100 lap NASCAR Modifieds, and 3 local divisions… $8.00 admission.

We come back on Saturday night for a 150 lap K&N East Series race, and another 100 for the Mods. Price on this one is a whopping $12.00

I can’t WAIT to see (at least) 350 laps of racing, drinkin suds with the 19,000 of the locals… 2 days worth for $20.00.

Steal of the Century…!!!

Let’s all party at Jerry’s trailer while he’s gone. All the free beer you can drink from his frig until we run out.

You will enjoy Bowman Gray. If you see Junior Miller, tell him EZ said hello.

Bowman Gray

Frasson118, we have a group from Brevard County traveling to Winston Salem for the June 1st and 2nd show. We went last year and had a great time.

Zach… My step son, has been there a couple times now, and might know his way around a bit. Is there a certain landmark or parking lot you guys head towards when getting there? Would love to meet up with another group of Floridiots when we get there…!

I have a kitchen pass to go this year.

Oh man, I wish I could go! Maybe later this summer…

Take Dumont Smith with you it is where he began his racing career. I hope for Frasson there is no restriction on Sunday beer sales.

Hey Jerry… when is this race??

June 1st & 2nd

Bowman Grey one of the most successful short tracks in the country. Great facility and you will enjoy yourself. Ticket prices are low just like some tracks in Florida. They also do not post payouts. So why do racers go and support them? Same expenses are incurred there as in Florida. Just wondering!

Because Bowman Gray is located where racing is in people’s bloodlines. The radios and newspapers constantly talk about it because people want to hear what’s going on before during and after the races with their favorite drivers and villians. The demographics, promotion, and everything else that plays a part is the recipe for success. We will never have a Bowman Gray in Florida. Nobody knows much about the shows in florida, which is the drivers. If these numbskulls would ever figure out that they need to promote the drivers, we might see some positive changes here. Don’t hold your breath.

If racing is about cars, we have the mess that exists at many Florida tracks. If it becomes about people, then we have a show.

Walt Disney has said that one of the keys to success, was to establish a hero & a villain within the first 5 minutes. Racetrack rivalries are also good to have.

Gotta have personalities, not just racecars.

How bout that, Boneman, FRASS, and EZ all say the same thing. It has to be true ! Listen up racetracks, we have given you the secret of success. Can you figure out how to get there ?

The tracks must be doing pretty good, they want to buy this message board for 6 figures.

I heard Tommy K was a silent partner with Desoto’s portion of the deal. :slight_smile:
Only kidding Rick, Don’t moderate me man ! :slight_smile:

I heard that Rick and Scott got the 6 figures they were asking for.

6 figures.jpg


You won’t be disappointed.

I will be back in the area by then a may shoot over there for the event.

I’ll keep in touch with you here before your trip and maybe we can meet up there.

Would love to do that Benny (Harry) stay in touch…

Anyone else that could pull this off…???

Bowman Gray is Awesome. The feeling is pure electric. Also they allow you to take in food and small coolers. You will have as much fun watching people as you will watching racing because they take there favorite drivers and the drivers they hate to extremes.