The bone in my arm is broken, should I see my dentist?

…of course not. Just because your dentist is looking to make a few extra bucks, it’s probably not a good idea have him do surgery on your arm!

The Rolling Thunder Modifieds only do MODIFIEDS (OWM’s). We eat, drink, sleep and are totally dedicated to modifieds. We have fewer races in our season to give teams running for points a break and we work with tracks to try and adhere our rules to “local” rules (sometimes that works and sometimes not). But we try!

So, come to Dillon Motor Speedway this Saturday or another race and give us a try. Hey, its a new track for most, new competition - I even call it my vacation.

If you are reading this east of the Mississippi, we’ve probably tried to get a race close to you, so you could “check us out” at your local level.

If you are interested…call Rich Peters at 302-894-2152 or like us on Facebook by doing a search for RollingThunderModifieds