anyone got a minicup?

Let me know, I might be interested. Has to be able to run Auburndale. Looking around sept or october if the dollars make sense. Needed race ready. Old fart wanting to start racing before its too late.

Go the the “Other items for sale” tab and there is a guy selling a mini cup car, and i think he said it already runs at auburndale


Yeah it was ------'s car and he decided to keep the car we got real close to completing the deal. No hard feelings there we need more cup cars on the track anyway.

I have a line on another one but want to see if there are others so I can make a smart move here or build up the car count at Adale by buying on the outside. Will probably stick with minicups unless an inexpensive race ready champ hits the scene, then I’ll refigure. The one that is available is over my budget.

Thanks for the reply.