k b still in the 51

k b still in the 51 nice till next week lol hahahah :huepfen024:


do you think they might pi$$ him off just to get a story.

o yea
its nascar the racing is boring so they have to do some thing lol:aetsch013:

Hope furniture row racing is smart enough to pass on Kurt for a second team next year, Barry Visser is smarter than that !

Thats too bad.

I am surprised Nascar did anything except fall down laughing, like Kurt can kick the sh!t out of anyone.

[B][I]Law of the average will do his thing.

At some point, he will run out of chances, luck, rides, or simply run his mouth at somebody he shouldn’t have, like somebody who would have similarity to ‘‘Jimmy Spencer’’.[/I][/B]

Let him start his own team he can get MMA or WWE to sponsor what he does and Howard Stern to sponsor what he says. This combo would not harm his sponsors or his image.