L4V8Bomber to build

Looking for a reasonably cheap car to build, already racing a G-body “metric” V8 Bomber, but I want to start working on a spare

not looking for a complete car really, trying to keep the cost of the body down as much as possible, 200-500 range would be nice, don’t care too much about the body itself as long as the frame is straight, prefer to stick with something GM, but I don’t care if it is a Camaro, Monte Carlo or even a Caprice, unibody or full frame etc.

I could be interested in a Ford as long as it is RWD and V8, year not important, that goes for any car not just Ford

maybe someone out there has a parts car, junk car or maybe even a racecar roller they can let go of cheap, or maybe someone knows of such a car elsewhere, if so you can text me at 863-877-6145, or simply reply here

Thank you.