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Looks like robert yahoo’s money pit is drying up. He was originally going to open up last month but he can’t even afford the bleachers now. He says the bleacher people don’t want his business that’s because they don’t want to give him credit. Ya gotta wonder if he’ll ever get it opened.


(Date Posted:06/16/2012 6:23 PM)

Now that’s funny when you got to bring your own chair. Guess we’ll have to bring a porta potty too. Are they going to charge less?

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(Date Posted:06/16/2012 5:48 AM)

wow that’s a shame. was hoping to see this track open back up. how smart was it to pay over $16,000 @ month to lease the place for just a few years and put a half a million or more in the place just to get it running? Sounds like somebody with deep pockets is backing yoho but the pockets aren’t deep enough.


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(Date Posted:06/15/2012 8:26 PM)

Looks like robert yahoo’s money pit is drying up. He was originally going to open up last month but he can’t even afford the bleachers now. He says the bleacher people don’t want his business that’s because they don’t want to give him credit. Ya gotta wonder if he’ll ever get it opened.

fender bender 4 days ago

Lets Stick to the Facts. He doesn’t have a PA system just cheep stereo speakers up in the dragstrip tower . And I Encourage everyone to come out to the drags, Its cheaper than Disney, But you get the same effect as you would watching the Mickey Mouse Club.

TheTruth727 6 days ago

I ran out of allowed character’s in my last post so I will continue in this one. Nothing has been more frustrating to me that to see such an amazing opportunity to successfully provide a location where people can come and have fun and safely race-what-they-brung or go to a test and tune event and not need to drop an absurd amount of money just to run - But instead it is the opposite: Inflated prices for everything, endless nonsense chatter over the megaphone, malfunctioning “NEW” time clocks, no bleachers to sit, over policed and certain areas that used to be open to park and enjoy is now closed and blocked off, the landscape is being torn down and left to look like a desolate location and did I say a disrespectful, inexperienced, self-indulging individual that just wont shut up and instead treat the location as his own personal sand box and if you dont like the way he plays you can go run to your mama mentality. I am not an advocate or spokesperson for anyone or anyplace, BUT from my personal experience, I would suggest to follow my boycott of the ridiculous "showtime" events no matter what they are and attend a location where you will be VALUED as an individual and not like another 10 dollars to add to the pot to pay bills. Location such as Bradenton Motorsports Park, where I have always been treated like a legitimate person, with respect and dignity. The trash - talking is only done amongst the racers themselves. Avoid the excuses, exaggerations, and the lies that Yo-hoe continues to publish about Todd, the previous lease owner, which did everything he was instructed to do prior to his departure for SUNSHINE. Yo-hoe can post all the pictures and insults he wants on his FaceBook page, (like the rest of the 13 year old girls on Facebook) but The TRUTH will always come out. Out of personal experience, do NOT waste your time going to any of the events at the "showtime" location. Numbers will continue to dwindle and even when and IF the circle track opens, the days are numbered as long as the attendance remains low. $15000 is a lot of money for a monthly lease in addition to the thousands of operating expenses and only a handful of Domestic drag racers paying the inflated fees wont be enough to keep the gates open. Visit TampaRacing dot com and BradentonMotorsports dot com for actual racing information and locations. Stay up to date like I do by going to those websites and becoming a member and socializing with thousands that already do and enjoy the largest automotive and racing community this side of the USA. Boycott Showtime.

TheTruth727 6 days ago

Ok, Now it’s time for the truth. Where did everything start spiraling down? The second this inexperienced trailer dwelling individual took a gamble at bidding on something he had no clue on how to run. His inexperience came shouting through the second he changed the name. ANY good investor knows that the money is in the NAME and Sunshine had made a great name with the legacy it left behind and the history it had created. Now, he changes is to his "nickname" which shows that he is all about himself first and everything else needs to revolve around him. This track will always be called Sunshine no matter what. Next, Yo-hoe decides to completely blame all of his delays and track issues on Todd, the previous lease owner, when in fact his delays were simply because of his own pockets and willingness to spend “his” money and the lack-there-of money. So now Yo-hoe decides to run random events without knowing the ins and outs of how to PROPERLY and SUCCESSFULLY. He has been given a plethora of advice and all Yo-hoe does is take a sip and ignore and then proceed to run the events like a bull in a china closet. At one event specifically, he was insulting every single import driver/vehicle that would stage to run down the drag strip. He would refer to BMW’s as *“Bang-My-*Wife” and would deliberately insult people’s names saying " I thought Yo-hoe was a stupid name until I read this guy’s name that is up next in an import that is about to lose to a Mustang.’ The most ridiculous thing he said that night after insulting countless import drivers and their cars was " If you do not like what I’m saying from up here, THEN TOUGH and you need to get over it"… THAT right there shows his inexperience, his unprofessional-ism, his blatant disregard for the people that actually paid to attend the event in the first place. The prior “Street Heat” events that the previous lease owner held successfully was attended by several hundred cars that kept coming from all corners of the bay area and the line was around the entire location just to run . Now, the staging lanes are open and no one wants to run SO he decides to run the “Pace Truck” from Dayton Andrews and he does ridiculous burn outs and abuses that vehicle since no one else wants to bother lining up to run only to get criticized and insulted. I head he even had a "POLICE" vehicle running. (Isn’t that misuse of tax payer’s money? - Most likely it wasn’t a real police vehicle) On the Showtime Facebook page, the comments show that unprofessional-ism runs rampant as well on there by the quasi-illiterate posts that Yo-hoe makes and then posts that he can care less about what he posts. Then when users post on his page whether its criticism or advice, he deletes their post, blocks them from posting on the page, and then fabricates details about events by inflating the number of attending. I think it was last week where Yo-hoe mentioned that there were over a hundred vehicles at the event on Saturday when in actuality several people that were actually there reported only 6 cars were running and there might have been 30 people at most the entire time. Of course you are going to have the handful that are Yo-hoe’s "pals" that think they can rise to the occasion as the top contenders at the track, but when there are only a handful of people going, there is not much competition to beat and therefore tooting their own horn is all they can do and blindly defend Yo-hoe when he receives criticism and advice. One person on his page posted several *“helpful&*quot; tips, advice and criticism in a kind manner but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears. I am a HUGE fan of Sunshine Dragstrip and my heart is shattered to see this historic location get misused and then see the new lease owners do all the manipulation they can do to raise money at all costs but in doing so, it has cost them several hundred people that would have supported the events if he would have shown a little common decency and respect. I look forward to the day that he defaults on his lease and someone with REAL experience and a true "racer-at-heart” takes control of this wonderful location instead of this backwoods inexperienced pride-filled jockey that has taken a golden opportunity and turned it into a pile of dung. I will continue to boycott any and all events and I will continue to use all of my influence in the TRUE racing community and ensure they also save their time and money and go to a track that is properly ran such as Bradenton Motorsports Park. I have already seen hundreds of vehicle owners turn their heads away from this "showtime" debauchery and they will continue to do so unless drastic changes are made, apologies are made, and the possession of the location is handed over to a true professional that actually knows about racing. Please spread this post and the word to everyone you know, post this on all of your facebook pages, twitter pages …

White minority 7 days ago

first, he came in and booted Todd out of the dragstrip. that was his first mistake. That would have been $6000.00 a month guaranteed that he could have gotten to fund the oval. Instead he had to start all over. He then tried to flex his muscle with the lady that has the stables up at the front who has been there well before him. He told her he would have her land within the year. How’s that workin out for you yoho? You dont need her parking if you dont have spectators. He also has tried to run Frank out of the motorcross track who has been there since Frank and Bonnie had the place. He likes to drive his lettered up dodge all over acting like hitler. So how is this all workin out for you so far yoho?

bumpdraft 8 days ago

Is the catch fence put up yet or are spectators unprotected for the soft show? As for the Dragstrip, I Don’t know enough to comment except that on his facebook page he said he canceled last weeks race because not enough racers showed up…Sounds Like A Great Business Plan to me.

gotboost2004 8 days ago

Well i agree with the last two posters … hes outta money and by mistreating the people at the drag strip makes me very upset ive been a long time supporter of the dragstrip but refuse to give any of my money to him after the way hes been to innocent kids trying to have a good time …import racing is in full effect and is totally welcome at bradenton dragstrip where no one complains and everone has a great time ive been there and will continue to go there … i feel for yahoo and hope he gets better but its not looking good !!!

kasbar143 8 days ago

Sadest part of this whole ordeal is at the meeting at QuakerStake the Tampa Racing Staff were present and standing about 5 feet from Yohoo. But he mad no effort to speak to them at all. The Street Heat Event’s paid the tracks rent month after month with so many cars it was hard to find the parking lot underneath. No one cared if the pit area was paved or the concession had Pizza. Kids lined up to have fun and be kids. Instead now they try to go back and are belittled over a loud speaker!! Tampa Racing Kids and Fans Bradenton is open and running and now one there talks down to imports! 2 Street Heats in July and August! COME ON DOWN!!

FLREPOMAN 9 days ago

Ok let?s go through this article and all of its lies. Yoho first off you are out of money and you can?t buy bleachers. But why is that you ask?? Well lets go back to be beginning back to the first meeting you had about your track opening at Quakerstake. You did nothing but talk bad about the previous tenant and bash him until people wondered about his integrity. I have seen the lease between the previous owner and the state of FL He was allowed to take what was his they cut him a check for cleaning more than he should have. Don?t you think he would be in jail if he took more than his own property? Everything you promised hasn?t been delivered because you haven?t been true to your word. You promised to re-open Sunshine or Showtime as you call it and make it a family fun place a place where anyone could come and race. Let me shed some light on the people who pay your rent at the track each month. You may make a quarter of it with your muscle car crowd on Wednesday s but most of Sunshine?s profit or rent as we are calling it comes from IMPORTS yes that?s right IMPORTS! Wasn?t it you Yoho who blasted the few IMPORT participants you got at your last Friday night event over the loud speaker? Maybe you need to take a look at where racing has gone because if you want to run a drag strip and a speedway you need to embrace all scenes of racing. Which includes the IMPORT scene. As a matter of fact the IMPORT scene is the largest growing racing scene since the first muscle cars rolled off of the assembly line floors at Ford and Chrysler years ago. Most of the IMPORT Cars can put your Muscle cars to shame in a heads up drag race. By the way Sunshine Drag Strip was NEVER closed it was open and FUN until you came and shut it down. Once a month Tampa Racing Kids came out in numbers that well exceeded 300 cars to get off the street and race. Our Kids were safe racing where they could race and not be hurt and not be judged. I doubt you will EVER see numbers like that with your attitude.

Left Turn only 9 days ago

The Bleacher Companies Actually Want to Make Money, Sadly Robert has Run Out of Money, And The Racers Are Running out of Patience…

Billybobfl 9 days ago

This was a bad deal from the get go. The state needs to keep this land vacant so they can build the highway that is planned. Why put this in that spot if it’s going to be ripped out in just a few years?

Race Fan 9 days ago

Sounds like he don’t have the money to finsh the track the wright way. Maybe he should have done his home work better before he put his bid in. Time to step down and let Cope have it he did his home work and he would have no problem putting bleachers in.

White minority 9 days ago

Yoho has come in and thinks he his tough stuff. Rather then try to work with people, he has come in and pissed everyone off. He is the new kid on the block. Others have been there way before him and he thinks he can just come in and tell everyone what they’re gonna do. The dude thinks he is so cool its not even funny. Now everyone cant wait to see u fail yoho. Oh and also, u might want to get another announcer cuz you are running people off. You might want to call frank and Bonnie and ask them what you should do cuz you will never make it otherwise!