East Bay last week!

There is a good reason I like visiting East Bay: consistently good racing! It took a little while for the surface to come in, but by feature time they had good clay to deal with, and the racers went at it. Best race of the night? Late models! If you didn’t like that then you are not much of a fan.

Is it just me, or do they have the best concessions in the state? It cost me money every time we wandered past because I knew I would not be standing in line for 20 minutes (which I won’t do). Yes, the place is clean, the menu is expansive and varied, but what really makes it work is the speed of the staff. I bought some drinks for the kids and I, but before I could get the change in my pocket and the bills in my wallet, they were taking the order of the person behind me…and I move quickly! Great job everyone!

The announcers were rockin’, the company was good (hung out with OSF), and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

However, I’d like to point out a glaring, persistent problem with the show. Its hard to believe how a track that does so many things well could let this go on, and put a damper on the action. I am refeffing to cars that spin out, and then intentionally draw a yellow flag. It happed a bunch last night.

So what can be done? Some tracks have a “3 strikes and your out rule”, but I think that is too lenient and allows too much disruption. As a starting point, give them one “freebie” yellow. If you cause a second intentional yellow, then you are sent to your trailer. If this helps the show, and when everyone gets used to pulling away from spins, try changing it to a black flag for the first intentional yellow and see what happens to the action and the pace of the race night.

Hope to be back for the sprints at the end of the month!

Track has a 2 strikes you are out rule…bring caution out by yourself that is…The track was rutey and had alot of wholes…How about the Limited Late Models they put on a great show also…

When we raced at eastbay and Dick was the flagman if you spun you got to go to the back 2 times but if you brought out the yellow and they toough you did it and it was intintional you went to your trailer for the night. That rule and a few others that were tough
came out with the time limits that Hillsbrough co stuck the tracks with… it made racing better for the fans but it was tough for the racer…