Big fun at Daytona

I’m a short tracker at heart, but that didn’t stop me from having a great time at the Nationwide 250 tonight at Daytona. The race was super close, the company was good and we had room to spread out in the stands.

The whole night cost me less than 3 short track pit passes, and that included everything: a general admission ticket (my 2 kids were free), parking and concessions. I’m out $71. A pretty inexpensive night!

I guess most of us tend to bad-mouth NASCAR. I can assure you that I would not have watched a lap of this on TV, but its good for our perspective to go see a big, professional and successful show in person.

The boys and I are unapologetic Danica fans, and we loved watching her run at or near the front for 80 laps. Half the cars were involved in something over the 250 miles, and Danica got caught up in a wreck with 20 to go. She looked like a winner up until that point!

Johanna Long drove smart and carefully as she came so close to a top 10 finish. Home grown talent Blake Koch and Bryan Silas had good runs too.

Now it is out of my system…back to the short tracks!

Jeffery Earnhart was at Bronson last week driving a borrowed sportsman from Westly Keller and in the 250 last night at Daytona. When he got spun and the checking up caused Danica to get hit as well, it ended both of the drivers I was watching for the night.:frowning: Austin Dillon drove a great race right to the end and actually went accross the start/finish line sideways… Had to watch on the campground office tv here in Colorado… Cable tv out and no signal here in the mountains… Will watch tonights race somewhere in Texas tonight…:sport009:

Ahh Danica, a true lady. Who did she cuss out this time?

In some regards she is alot like Kb. You try to like him… then he talks!

Same with her. The only difference is talent and his gina is above his shoulders.

Finally a race that was actually fun to watch on the tube. Danica certainly did look like a winner. Every time she got shuffeled back she came right back to the front. While not a Busch fan{either of them} I continue to hope that all of Kurts showing will at some point get the Finch team the sponsorship they deserve.The only real concern I had after it was all over was with Stenhouse. He was the cause of 2 of the yellows but was unscathed himself. I will continue to pull for him as he was from the open wheel on dirt school of training.

wonder how many cars ricky steinhouse

will tear up this year - you can’t take mike wallace and jeffery earnhardt and not expect then to wreck same as michael waltrip

Danica had the best car in the field… she could race without a partner and was still able to close in on the leaders…
Felt really good for James Finch… I think it was his first win at DIS since Jeff Purvis won the ARCA race in 1996.
The in-car shot of Danica was awesome when she crashed… Her eyes got HUGE just before the hit and thank goodness she let go of the steering wheel!

Didn’t DW say Jimmy Johnson learned that from her when he crashed at Daytona?

Bone, my son and I were there and had a great time as well! Like him or not, Kurt can flat wheel a race car! I was very happy for James Finch.

I do believe you are right EDM, I recall them discussing this when Jimmy wrecked - someone said that the Indy car drivers are taught to let go of the steering wheel during a crash and she continues to do that in Nascar.

I thought it was hilarious hyping Danica up as much as possible. It’s one of the first things taught to any racer.

I learned that after hitting the wall at N.S. Almost broke my wrist. Manual steering box!

Also taught to keep all 5 fingers on the outside edge of the steering wheel. If you wrap your thumb around it, the spokes in the steering wheel will rip a thumb out of place, or break it completely. All the grip in the world ain’t gonna stop that wheel from turning if you get into the wall and the front wheels grab ahold of it.

Funny how they try to credit Danica with this brand new/80 year old technology.

That young lady has nerve. At one point, I watched her in a big knot of traffic, then one of her competitors made it 4 wide. She was stuck in the middle without a drafting partner, and they stayed that way for a lap. She never lifted and drove out of the knot in front. She is good for the sport!

I won,t say the gentlemen are prejudiced but more than once I have seen her dumped by her drafting partner leaving her in the dreaded middle lane alll alone. Last night she drove as well as anyone all things considered I just wish she wasn,t always in the wrong place at the wrong time. I would like to see where she would have finished if left intact.

This is twice now at Daytona I’ve been impressed with her. I think I hate the media attention about her, much more than I actually dislike her.

If she was just another driver, and not the “chosen one”, I may have been a big fan, as it looks like she CAN get the job done.

I think that Johanna has done a better job with less equipment. Would rather see her get a better ride in cup,but she doesn’t bring the hype.

I was also at Daytona…pretty sad…I had to explain to a colleague of mine who Johanna Long is and let him know where she came from…I do think Danica is good for the sport but they need to tone it down so people can at least stomach the broadcasts…one good thing about being at the track…you get the track feed so you don’t get teh crap…