To Kevin Williams !

Last night on the way home Bobby said he couldnt believe how much you did to help him and Ricky … the brush has been removed around the pond and they also had good sight of Wally Gator…(Better for their safety) As always, they have a blast fishing. Thank you for your many kindnesses Kevin. Most people have no idea how many things you do just to make things nicer for the fans and drivers.
I also think you made a very wise decision to close for the summer. Its brutally hot out there and the weather is unpredictable. It scares me that you have 2 months to think about new challenges. God only knows what we will come back to… ;-)You solved the mosquitoe problems too. I brought a can of spray with me and didnt even need it. :wink:
I know people constantly complain so I thought you should know that 2 young boys REALLY appreciate all of your kind efforts. Thank you Kevin and enjoy your time off. You are special!
Carol Wicks