MLRA Late Models-U S 36 Raceway-Anderson Wins-Video

If you stayed home Wednesday night from U S 36 for the MLRA Late Model race I can understand.

106 degrees, 55 mile drive, probably won’t be a full field, and you have to get up the next morning and go to work.

Well if you did you missed one of the best race shows for the year 2012, yes their was a short car count but the guy’s that were their put on one whale of a show.

How about Will Vaught, Billy Moyer, Chris Simpson, Terry Phillips, Eric Turner, John Anderson, and more of the MLRA regulars for a few of the drivers that showed up. I was beginning to think MLRA stood for, More Leaders Raced Anyway, wow what a night.

I really would like to tell you more but why not just sit down and watch the video. Enjoy.