trailing arm lenghth

if you had your choice on asphalt 3 link would you want 19" trailing arms on both sides or 38" rr and 24" lr ? just got a lefthander that was converted to dirt but i’m converting it back to asphalt. all of the longer mounts are still there. car has alot of rear steer built in it now but i can change bar angles to get some of it out. i’ve never had a 3 bar car before so i guess what i’m asking is am i going to be beating my head against the wall with these short arms or may be it will work better? all in put welcome Clayton


I would go with the 38 & 24 and square up the rear for starters

thank you 76 i needed a nudge in that direction. appreciate it.

The longer arms seem to make the car easier to drive(not as harsh/twitchy in the steerring). It is to do with rear geometry. Once you get what you think you want, try taking the springs and shocks out, and while on jack stands at ride height, move the rear end up and down like you were going into and out of the corners and see what it does. That will help you figure out your j-link/track bar.

I agree to square up the rear end.

There is a trick to using a dampener on the right rear to soften the blow when you hit the gas coming off the corner. Try it later after you get the first part done and have run the car a bit.

thank you Dave just like doing bump in the front,got it.