Biddle Ridley Passes

Biddle Ridley, age 72 of Chatsworth, GA died Monday, July 30. He was crew chief for his brother Jody Ridley for many years… Lots of you who have been around remember these guys running really well when they came down to Florida…

A legend for sure. A nice guy,too. He and his brother worked some real magic on a very limited budget back in the '80’s. I think they won three All-Pro championships working out of an old Ford utility bed pickup and an open trailer. Too damn cool…

And always big Ford supporters too when everyone else ran Chevy’s.

Top notch Dirt Late Model driver Aaron Ridley is Jody’s nephew… anyone know if Biddle was his Dad?

That was a tram that would aallwast be ther in the end. A friend of mine was a sponsor ot them for a few years and the odds went like this
100 laps 50 to 1
200 laps 25 to 1
300 laps Give jody the money now


Don… not quite sure what you said, but I get the idea, and agree with you. The longer the race, the more likely that the Ridleys would win.

Hall of Fame worthy, Junie Donlavey, only had 1 win in about 50 years of being a NASCAR team owner. In all that time, he has 1 win… with Jody Ridley as the driver. If not for Biddle and his talents, that story might have never come to be. He was the Chad Knaus to a Jimmie Johnson… together, they re-wrote the books in short track racing.

a great guy and my friend thanks for the memories

One of racing’s
little known “Giants”. Biddle was one of the smartest men in racing. Just ask Bill Elloit who helped him get to 212MPH at Daga! Also, he was alot of fun to be around.
God’s speed my friend.