Rubber Meets The Asphalt at I-44 Sppeedway-8-11-11-Video

With four classes of racing, Charger, Sportsman, Modified, and Late Model the rubber really does meet the road every Saturday night just East of Lebanon Mo.

The only asphalt track in the Midwest area between Chicago and Texas I-44 is starting the slow process to get car counts and drivers back believing that they will be their for the long haul.

With the recent hiring of Kevin Greven as track manager the ownership group has made a statement to everyone that they are series about what they wanting to do with the the facility. Kevin comes into the job with some heavy credentials.
Kevin has worked with O’reilly, Lucas Oil, and several tracks wanting to get back on track with their programs, plus he is from that area and wants this track to get back to where it was in years past.

He admits the biggest obstacle is building that trust with the races that the track will be their next year and the years after that. As he says, people have these asphalt cars tucked away in their basements and garages they just need to get them out and get them back into shape.

With that spoken I hope you will sit down and watch some asphalt racing, Ozark I-44 style. Enjoy.

I 44

I can remember growing up going there. I have since moved to Florida but still find myself comparing these tracks to I 44. The times I went there we got to see the Wallace brothers racing in the late models. I love the memories and hope to get back there soon to race a sportsman. :ernaehrung004: