4Th Annual Eddie Brann Memorial October 13th

Its almost that time again for one of the biggest Modified Races of the Year!!
I would like to take this time to thank Critter and the entire staff at CCS Speedway for allowing us to host this event there the last three years,Thank You. Now with re-opening of the old Sunshine Speedway now known as Showtime, Eddies family and friends wanted to bring this race back to Eddies home town, and Eddies home track. The track where he grew up wrenching on cars and hanging out with some great racers. The race will be on October 13Th, Friday night October 12Th will be open practice 5pm-8pm all classes 8pm-9pm modifieds only, 10.00 per person. After practice we will have some GRUBB. We would like to thank Robert and Danielle Yoho for allowing us to host this event there. There will be no entry fee for this race, the tire will be the hoosier F-53 slick.
Here is the purse
1)1500.00 13) through 26th 200.00
4) 700.00
5) 600.00
6) 450.00
7) 400.00
8) 300.00
9) 275.00
10) 250.00
11) 225.00
12) 200.00

how many laps?

Will this be a 75 or a 100 lap race?

Ebr Race

Devin in the past we have ran 75 laps, but this year we will run 66 laps in honor of the year eddie was born, we all thought that would be pretty cool. I hope this helps and we hope to see you come run with us.Here in the near future we will start to put a list together of the drivers that have entered the race.THANK YOU


Ok, I thought that I had remembered correctly that it was 75 laps in the past. But then again I saw how big of a purse there was and assumed it was maybe a 100 lapper. Running 66 laps is a really good idea, it makes the event that much more unique.

As of now you can count us in, maybe we’ll see ya out at Showtime this weekend too!

This is Rich Peters of the Rolling Thunder Modifieds, I spoke to a Florida racer about this race last week and it sounds like a really exciting modified race. I wish all of you the very best of luck and be safe.

The tour heads back to Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, NC on September 1st racing with the Rev-Oil Pro Cup Series and then to the long awaited race at the newly reopened Southern National Speedway in Kenly, NC. The last time the tour raced there was March 31, 2006 when John Thorpe of Wilmington, NC took the checkers with Larry Penny of Palm Beach Gardens, FL finishing 10th that day.

Again good luck wherever you are racing.

Southern National Raceway has to be the nicest short tracks in the country,the mods should be great there.

Ebr Race

Thanks Rich, I know what Florida driver you were talking about, I had the pleasure of getting my picture taken at Bristol with him, in one of your races.
We have decided to sell laps for this race as we have done in the past. There will be 66 laps for sale at 25.00 a lap. The money collected this year will be added to the existing purse of 10,000.00 put up by Showtime Speedway. We would like to give back to the racers this year that have supported this event in the past to show our appreciation for there efforts.If your interested in sponsoring a lap please contact Tony @813-267-3710 or Wayne @ 727-871-1610. We have 50 laps left at this time.
Thanks For Lookin’

4th Annual Eddie Brann Memorial October 13

You’re welcome…I posted your karnac post about the race on our facebook page as well.


Ebr Race

We are down to 29 laps at this time, if anyone would like to sponsor a lap we sure could use you’re help. They are 25.00 a lap and you’re name will go on a banner that will be displayed on the front straight for every one to see. This year the Grand Marshal for this years race will be Lee Collins, for those of you that don’t no lee he was a good friend of eddies, a GREAT guy and a pretty dog gone good racer. THANKS for looking


I still owe you $$$


I no you are good for it lol, Maybe I will see you this sat trying to get the car ready to run

RIP Eddie!

This is going to be an awesome race. All of the Eddie Brann races have been, and this one with 66 laps at his home track will really be special for Eddie, his wife and daughter and his many many friends. As always Tony… good job. If i can help you know how to get to me.
Carol :auto003:


We are down to 17 laps, If we can sell them all,the total purse for this race will be 11,650.00 Thanks to all that have helped


All the laps for this race have been sold, THANK YOU LAP SPONSORS. I would also like to thank Shane Miller with premier miller medical for the fast time award of 200.00 and also the laps that he brought. Jason with EALES NEST RACING for the hard charger award 100.00 thanks again,with the fast time, and hard charger award along with the laps, the total purse for this race has reached 12,000.00 that is AWESOME . Now lets start making plans, and get youre ass of the couch, and come watch the best MODIFIED DRIVERS the state of fla has to offer. THANKS FOR LOOKING

Tony I am going to be able to shoot it as of right now. Roberts going to shoot for me at PG. Thanks Bob…

Eddie Brann Flyer

4th annual Eddie Brann Memorial

EBR Race

Thanks in advance to John Grimm and family for offering to haul his grill over to the track on friday and take the time to prepare our barbacue. Dinner will be served after practice on Friday evening.
I would like to inform owners and drivers that Showtime Speedway durometer
rule is a min of 48, this rule will be inforced, max left side 56 percent.
Guys you know what the rules are,I and everyone else involved in this race are not there to be the TECH POLICE, this is not the purpose of this race.
Some of the drivers that will be attending this is as follows:
1)S.McLaughlin 21)R.Coffin
2)S. Bass 22)J.Todd (Last year winner)
3)J.Korpi 23)S.Millar
4)A.Bruns 24)J.Gerstner
5)J.Symons 25)S.Monaghan
6)D.Moff 26)W.Jefferson
7)S.Arnold 27)K.Bookmiller
8)T.Roland 28)B.Blake
9)R.Blevins 29)J.Glover
10)D.Miller 30)A.Williamson
10)D.Miller 31)D.Welson
11)T.Schnader 32)J.Rendell
12)T.Robinson 33)W.Dempsey
13)LG.Grimm 34)DJ.Hoelzle
14)T.Moore 35)D.McLeod
15)R.Bowman 36)A.Stamper

There are still some drivers that I have no way of reaching if your name is not listed and you plan on coming please let us know.
Thank You

OUTSTANDING field of Mods. Best I’ve seen in years. Should be excellent.

Heat races…???

as long as the car owner doesnt change his mind last min i (shawn senokossoff) should be in the 4


Thanks shawn, what about youre dad ? W. nelson is dalton nelson my bad