Orlando 4 cyl strictly-stocks, Citrus 4 cyl stocks and Auburndale Scramblers see.....

We are having a scrambler, 4 cyl stock race as part of the Joey Coulter Charity 200 Race Weekend December 14&15th at Auburndale Speedway. The race will be on Friday night Dec. 14th and there is a payout on the website. www.carsevents.com under the Charity 200 Race Weekend Info link. We are working on clarifications to some of the rules to make it fair. Those will be posted soon. Please keep checking the website for the info, but plan now to come we will make it work !!!

Thanks !

your invited !!

Your invited :slight_smile:

Hey, I drive the #41 scrambler at adale and I have a RWD vehicle, so I’m hoping that we can make this event for RWD vehicles also, that would help out alot. I’m definitly going to make it out there though.