Calling all Florida Legend and Bandolero drivers..... your invited !

All Legend cars in Florida and Beyond actually are invited to join us for two nights of racing as part of the Joey Coulter Charity 200 Race Weekend December 14th & 15th at Auburndale Speedway. There will be a 30 Lapper on Friday night the 14th and a 25 Lapper the 15th for Legends. The payout is on the website under the Charity 200 Weekend info link. Bandoleros will also run 15 Lappers each night and we invite everyone to come run with us. Our race director is Shawn Reutimann and he will handle the race operations. We would love to have you all join us. Thanks

If you need more info contact me 407-497-0448 !

your invited !!

Yep you too !!!