fascar sportsman

for sale fascar sportsman stock camaro front clip with tube rear ,landrum leaf springs,tube upper a arms stock lowers,9inch full floating rear 456 gear ,602 crate engine ,brand new outlaw body being installed now race ready 2nd place finisher in points last year 5500


ttt come on people this is a great deal


Do you still have the old body? Tommy 352-572-7612

no i got rid of it

3500 for roller

to the top

Is the new body completed?

How much for the motor without carb?

the new body will be done soon and if i sell the roller then ill sell the motor for 2000 but only if the roller sells first if not ill put it in my new sportsman

did you sell roller yet? Have money right now for the motor let me know.

lookin for any trades for ur roller

Call Me Asap! 352-949-2424

can ya send me some pics of front suspension (both corners) and front clip with motor, interior, gauges shifter etc area and rear tail section (both sides of shock/spring area and rear end area. to my email address listed below. moving there from michigan and been looking into this class as what I have is not even close to the class rules. also include all the info, if its legal everywhere or not in florida, on the car you can as I have cash and would not pull your chain if interested. thanks.


If you want to get ahold of timmy morton his number is (386) 690-3498