Metric Roller with 3 and 4 Link Ford Floater

Metric roller that has won features, set fast time on multiple occasions and has won heats.

Never been clipped. The front end geometry has been modified and includes Howe spindles and Howe Centerlink. It has all Howe precision balljoints, stock lower control arms, tubular uppers. The RS lower has been lengthened. Full frame to center of rear end and screw jacks at all corners.

Howe stock style big brakes on the front and metric brakes on the rear. 5x5 Howe Hubs

All gauges including brake bias gauges. Interior has been completely insulated inside and out around the engine compartment. Hanging type pedal assembly.

Currently set up for Ford Engine, but a chev will drop right in with minimal modifications, of course. Never over heats, even on the hottest days with bump and run ducting.

Has a Ford 9" floater that has both 3 link and 4 link capabilities. The lowers have the original brackets, but also has adjustability on both the frame and rear end side. The lowers have roller bearings for complete freedom.

Sold less engine, trans, rear gear and seat for $4,500. But it will be complete other than that, including radiator, fuel cell, fuel filter, #8 stainless fuel line, etc and 1 year old Optima battery.

We are going late model racing and need to sell this car. It has been raced by my brother and I for the past 4 years and I have all of our set up sheets, and equipment lists from that period…I can answer any question you may have about this car.

Nothing but the best parts are in this car and you won’t find a better deal.
Located in Michigan

A few more pictures…Includes spare control arms, shocks, sway bars, tie rods, etc…

Car has been Sold