The Sportsman have been added to 3 dates on the 2012 Orlando Speedworld Schedule…

Sportsman will now run on:
Friday October 5th
Friday October 19th - 50 Laps / $1,000.00 to Win
Friday November 2nd

If you have ANY questions, please contact the Track Office at 407-568-1367. M-F 9am-5pm.


How about a couple Super Late Model races instead of all Pro Late Models for the rest of the year?

Mr. Debelius, please contact Barbara Pierce at OSW M-F 9am-5pm with questions and/or comments.

I am merely posting the information that I am given. I do not make these decisions.

he won’t run anyways he’ll just say weres the results

At least I am interested enough to want to know. And usually when I ask about results, it’s because I didn’t go that nite and it’s alread 3-5 days since the races and nothing posted. And when I am away 2 to 2 and a half months in the summer (I live in Tenn. during that time), I’m interested.

Dave have you actually reached the point to where you believe your own lies? Just curious.

Voice of NSS response

Dave id like you to find me ONE time in 2012 that it has been 3-5 days without results… You are a pompous LIAR. I will gladly post all the “Added Dates” of EVERY Results post for the entire year for BOTH tracks…

You continue spewing blatant lies and crap and I will continue calling you whatever I want…

And for your information, IF Speednet is not updated on time then maybe you should take that up with the person whose job it IS to upload Speednet from their own personal computer (since I have NO ACCESS to ANYTHING to do with Speednet and NEVER have)… go ahead, ask around, the answer may surprise you… And then I’d like to see you call that person out on the public forum as you so love to do with me…

Keep running your mouth with boldface lies. This entire board already sees you for what you really are!

I’ll be patiently waiting for you to provide me with the week that it took 5 days for the results to go up so I can prove once and for all just how full of crap you are! (Although most people already see it in your posts)

Mark, Did I mention FASCASR in particular? You are a Real Professional.

Oh Mr. Debelius, this is Priceless!