PUNTA GORDA SPEEDWAY! They're back!!!!!!

TBARA will bring thrills and chills to PGS on 9/22, 10/27 and 12/1 !!! Dont miss this awesome show of shows!!! :huepfen024:

Carol Wicks :auto003:

That is actually “10-27”, the Halloween show. The December 1’st race is a re-scheduled date from November, so hopefully everyone will be on board for that one.

Looking forward to it!

Nineteenth month of the yr.

rofllllllllllll i am so old I added 7 more months to the calendar yr! TYPO! Fixed it! Thank you Rex! I can hardly wait to see you. Did you ask Patty yet?

Yes, I asked her. No firm answer yet!


You be extra specially nice to her and I will too… watch me get sick and cant go…then she will be stuck with you til the wee hours! J/K will have them bring me on a gurney! Keep trying!
Carol :auto003: