Arca Racing

Brian Finney is headed to Salem , Indiana to run in the Arca race Saturday night. Good to hear local boys giving the Arca series a try. Good Luck Brian !

That Salem–

Salem Super Speedway, a .555 —a big ol’ 1/2 Miler, sitting inside of a golf course, is almost the best asphalt track in the Nation, racewise.
The big track was part of of a 4-part “hills” –
The 4 parts, Raceways/Speedways, are Winchester, Salem, Dayton, and Fort Wayne. The 4 biggest/high banked asphalt raceways at that time, all 1/2 mile in length, Fort Wayne was a 5/8 miler, instead.

Frank Funk was the builder of these mamouth/high-banked killers/high-banked Raceways.-----he had a dream…of the highest banked Raceways around.

Bob Swikert was killed here in 1956—
And Rich Volgler was killed also, in July, 1990.

Dayton Speedway, and Fort Wayne Raceway are long gone, but Salem and Wichester Speedways are still here today, with programs/cards going on all the time.

Bucket List for all. Go there, and you’ll see why.