What happened in the De Soto crash?

Thank Goodness Lucas is improving from his serious injuries. That always has to be priority one.

Now that he is on the mend, is there anything to be learned from the crash? I have no idea what he was driving: did it have a racing seat? Racing belts? Is there any way to limit the risk of it happening again this weekend to another driver?

I dont know what happened, but here is what his truck looked like after the wreck :sprachlos020:


wonder if that class requires all the safety equipment ? I know car counts are down everwhere (except on the dirt) Hate to see someone hurt , A racer can get hurt in any class, no matter what the speed .

Luke had all of the basic safety equipment. Racing seat, five point harness, window net, fire suit, shoes, helmet, and gloves. The truck had a professionally built 4 point cage.
He was racing the trophey dash class on the small track and jumped tires with another car in turnes 3 and 4. That caused his truck to flip vilently into the light pole and came to rest on the tires.