Luke Updates

[B][I]First off,I want to thank God for the miracles we are witnessing every day, all the people with faith that have prayed for my son and our family. I want to thank Rick Anges and Dalton Ellis for giving us a venue to keep everyone informed, John and Camille owners of the racetrack, Auto Plus my employers for being so wonderful with us bot as far as work goes, it means so much to be there as Luke convalesces, A huge thanks to my son Brandon who has refused to leave his brothers side day and night since he arrived here. Thanks to Jackie, who made it possible for Brandon to fly from Mass to be with his family, Jamie, Lukes optician for his new glasses, Kim, and Dave Davis for all the love and support. Darren, Eli, Tommy, our EMS team, the jaws of life, and the fire dept. As well as the Hartleys, The Blakelys, and Lukes Friends, they have something special in store for Luke.

Thanks to Bob Culbertson, for driving all that way to pray with Luke, And especially Erick Peterman our track chaplain, who was there to hear the worst news, comfort, and pray with us, on many occasions. And last but not least, all the people that are reading these words, you are awesome giving Luke and our family strength, stay with us till the end! I know there are some I have not mentioned but rest assured that you all are special to us and we want to thank you.

Luke finally went for his MRI today, we are still waiting for the results. I helped Luke finally clean his hands today as they are not sensitive today, and then Luke cleaned his own nails, his dexterity has returned, he is now walking 10 feet to the bathroom unaided, but escorted. He was eating pizza and telling lies, and closer to normal by the minute.

Barry stopped by and brought Luke some killer cookies to get Luke back to health, yummmmy!!!

After the results come back from MRI Luke may be going down to the second floor for rehab, so they can help him regain strength and control. well im tired, and will be working Thursday. Fabienne and Brandon will be there tomorrow Good night and thank you.

The Cazemiro Family[/I][/B]

Great news!

I am so happy to hear of Luke’s progress. Once again the racing family has pulled together and gone to God for help. Once again God granted us our request that Luke heal.
Thank you to all who have been there for the Cazemiro family. You have all made a huge difference.
Thank you God for your mercy and healing powers and thank you Luke for being Luke! :wink: This is a happy day. :huepfen024:
Carol Wicks

P.S. Thank you Rick and KARNAC for giving us this message board to stay in touch! Thanks for all the updates!

[B][I]Thursdays Update:
Hey everyone, guess what! Luke was released from critical care today, and is now on the rehab floor. For those that visit, Luke is now in room 274 of the same building at Blake. The visiting hours are from 4 till 9 and strictly enforced.

Today Luke walked out in the hallway, and then back to bed, that wore him out, he ate a thanksgiving dinner hospital style, and his new glasses were delivered today, Thanks Jamie, and Mary Elizabeth!

Luke is able to text, and talk on the phone so there ya go, keep in mind that he will be working on recovering from 7-4.

I want to thank his brother Brandon, who stayed with his brother 24-7 since he arrived Monday. I am very proud of him.

Everyone has been so great, and God is Great![/I][/B]

So gald this young man is doing well! Worst feeling in the world is to see a fellow racer hurt. Now that thats said what can we do to help this from not happening again . We already lost one racer this year .

[B][I]Fridays Update:
Today was Luke’s first day in rehab, it was relentless, he slept between sessions. and did very well.
He tires easily as it is a struggle to move his thick body, we will have better info tomorrow having met with Lukes rehab doctor. He says he cannot feel sensation on the skin of his legs, and they are very heavy.

Tonight after rehab, his wonderful support group began to arrive, friends and family. We are truly blessed. Luke stood before the sink and trimmed his beard as he is very proud and wants to kook good, brushed his own teeth and fed himself.

Fabienne and I are leaving him alone and going to the track tomorrow, Feel free to offer Fabienne your well wishes and hugs, but please don’t ask her about the ordeal, she is still traumatized and we want her to ease back into normalcy. I however will be happy to answer any questions that you may have so please feel free to say hello, Everyone has been so great, I would expect nothing less!!!

Dave and the family[/I][/B]


It is so encouraging to see luke do so well so quick. To God be the glory. Dave I will try to get up there agin Monday or Tuesday. Keep up the good work Luke. God Bless!

This Is Dave, I just spoke with Lukes attending Physician, Lukes brain functions are all normal, his bloodwork is great, and he said that Luke would be better off at home than in here with all the folks in the rehab wing. He says with further treatment and therapy that he will be conditioned to return to work. It will be a while for that, and will know after a few visits to an outpatient facility. Thanks for keeping up with us! You all are the best.

Todays Message from Luke and a request!

I want to thank everyone in the racing community for praying our son well!
Luke walked thru our doors yesterday, and we were as happy as the day we walked him thru nearly 20 years ago. We are so thankful that we used the best safety equipment that we could afford on that truck, and the quick acting of the track team to stablize and extracate luke from the wreck, Blake medical center and bayflight. Our baby boy is home, but a long haul is ahead of us, we embrace the challenge. Thanks again Dave and Fabienne.

And a special thanks to Rick Angies for keeping everyone posted thru this great website. Now a note from Luke.

Hey y’all this is Luke I’m heading out to desoto super speedway to see my truck, and watch some racing action tonight i found out last night at Applebees car show that i cant really walk all that great so a good friend Tom Blakely is going to lend me his cane until i can walk on my own. Feel free to come up to me, I,ll be around thank you Luke It was good to see everyone last night. Love Luke

Now the request! Does anyone have a video of Lukes Rollover accident, we really want a copy of it!

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