Brighthouse race

Made the trip to New Symrna tonight , very poor showing , 10 Super late Models , 2 modifieds , maybe 200 people in stands , hope things turn around .

Good showing for opener at Ellisville(Lake City) last night. Wayne Anderson won, Kurt Jett broke, Darrel Shelnut finished 3rd…

Good showing last week,was hoping things were on the upturn.

The attendance would have increased by at least two if it hadn’t been for Brighthouse’s own Danny Treanor jumping around the TV screen in dramatic fashion increasing the chances for rain every single time you watched him. Quite a performance, ending the chances of severe storms at minimum 60 per cent. After living in Fl since '79 I should have known better. Also NSS has been calling races rather easily over the last couple of years so I felt for sure last night would have been called. Possibly many others felt the same. I am quite sure if NSS keeps their present policy of running when they can, people will start to show. Also noted that the last 3 Super Late races have had a combined total of at least 23 Supers. Why don’t more show at a time? Could 100 lappers be too long? I know I have talked to several drivers who don’t care for the longer distance. Well how was the race? Was it another close one? Really wish I had gone. BTW, I read the Sportsman finish at Citrus and I can not see where any NSS cars were there. Sportsman and Mini’s have been growing nicely at NSS so maybe they should have been added last night. Well I will be there next week as I will no longer listen to Mr. Treanor. My bad!!!

Since I was working in Daytona Saturday, I decided to head over for the races… HUGE MISTAKE!
$25 (pit pass) to get in and 28 cars raced… that’s almost $1 per car to see the show… sad…
10 SLM started and with 40 laps left only 5 were running… All five cars ran by themselves on a different part of the track… nearly fell asleep… Clouser won, Rogers second, Winchell third, Sergi fourth and Ray Black, Jr. fifth a lap down… Travis Cope led early, tangled with Tim Russell and both got sent to the rear… Cope made it back up to second but fell out with a sick engine… Really not much of a race…
The Super Stocks put on a decent show and the Strictly Stock race was the best of the night with the top three crossing the line together… Shukwit, Higdon and Gaither saved the night with those final few laps and finish…
Did not stay for the Modifieds…
The Sprint Car count at East Bay was almost as many as the total field at NSS! Also noticed the car count was way down at Bubba…

I think it was the rear end in Cope’s car.

i too was disappointed in the turnout for the 100 but thought it a nice gesture when they announced fans could use there ticket stubs for free governors cup admission. i know i wasnt expecting that. not bad to get last sat and the cup on 17th all for 20bucks. this is the second time that ive been there and the have said to keep tickets for admission another night. seems like they are trying at least to give the fans there moneys worth.

how many mods showed up on 10 in tires ?

3 cars , let them run 10 laps

Sorry to hear the race pretty much ended up that way. At least the Super Stock & Strictlys put on their usual good show. WOW!!! What a gesture. Free Govener Cup tickets with your rain check.Hard to beat that move. Super way to treat the fans. The other time was for a regular show which ended up being a fantastic deal in itself. Yes, looks like they are trying to make sure the fans leave the track happy. Hope they have the usual large turnout of Supers for the Cup. Thanks for the update PP95. Why the heck did Ellisville have to schedule on top of the Marion Edwards 100 Super Late race.? Not nice in my opinion. Announcer Dave, thanks so much for the recap. As a matter of fact I was speaking with Mr Howard several weeks back & he said he would really enjoy having you stop by his new shop.

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know this… but is it possible those tickets for the Gov Cup weekend, might be for the FRIDAY portion of that weekend?

I’d hate to see a misunderstanding spiral out of control later.

If it IS for the Governors Cup Saturday, that is one hell of a nice gesture.

As I mentioned I wasn’t there either. Now PigPen95 did also mention the date of the 17th, which is a Saturday, the date of the Gov Cup. Maybe Voice can come on here and clear it up if there is a misunderstanding but PP95’s understanding was pretty clear. Hope for his sake and the others, who didn’t listen to local weather, that the 17th is right. Quite a deal. NSS is demonstrating a stong effort of trying. Hope we hear from the Voice.

Hi guys! Per Robert Hart, your tickets are good for Saturday November 17th… The Governor’s Cup. A big thanks to those that came out last week and supported New Smyrna!

Good evening Kim. Thanks so much for the prompt answer, very much appreciated. Give Robert a big thanks as well. Hope to be there this week.

Wow great move by the track , Wish we could bring our car back , just not ready to run 200 laps, again great move let hope for a full field and full stands!!