Lots of like new EL tires located in Jax.

Lots of EL tires for sale.
Set#1 - 2012 date code outsides, 2011 insides
Southern Comfort inside and out, 40 laps.

Set#2 - 2012 date codes with 2011 LR
Southern Comfort inside and out, 60 laps.

Set#3 - 2011 date codes
Track Tac inside and out, 60 laps.

Set#4 - 2012 date codes
Outsides (RF and RR) and LR tires only
Southern Comfort inside and out, 50 laps.

Set#5 - 2012 date codes
Outside tires only (RF and RR)
Southern Comfort inside and out, 80 laps.

Set#6 - 2012 date codes, 2011 LR
Complete set treated inside and out by TJ Newton. 85 laps.

I need to sell these tires quick. I would like to sell them local and will make someone local a sweet deal. Pick them up or meet me close to Jacksonville, Florida. $350 for all 21 tires. All of these tires are in great shape with good sidewalls. Most still have the lines around them. Need them gone quick.
email sweetmotorsports71@gmail.com

Sets #1 and #4 are sold. I’ll take $200 for the remaining sets #2,#3,#5 and #6. That’s 14 tires total. All are good tires. Need them gone.

$175 for all 14 tires listed in the last reply. These are great tires. Need them gone, come and get them!!

Sets #3, #5, and #6 are all that’s left… $100 for all 10 tires if you pick them up!!! Need them gone!!

All tires are sold…