The Greatest News !!!!! Tbara!!!!

Have made several phone calls and I am so happy to let you know of some of the people who will be at the TBARA race at Punta Gorda Speedway tomorrow night. Besides the awesome racers we will have a very special guest! Doug Heveron and his wife Sherry are riding over on their bike from the east coast!!!
DAVID STEELE!!! Yes ! he will be racing. Tried to talk The Wild Child into coming but that may or may not happen. Ernie Teed just said he will come by! Don Heckman!
My friend Rex Hollinger will be racing the #85! His lovely wife and children will be there!
Sooooo… if you dont know who Doug Heveron is type in Doug Heveron and see what an awesome racer and person he is. A Hall of Famer!
I can hardly wait! 23 cars so far! Not bad!
So come to see some awesome racing at PGS! :huepfen024:
See ya there!