Fla racers at Watermelon Capitol....

Local racers running the CRA South series include Anthony Campi, Steven Nasse, and Daniel Webster. Other fast racers there include Bubba Pollard, Kyle Benjamin, Ross Kenseth, Mike Garvey, plus the sons of Joe Nemechek (John Hunter), and Ernie Irvan (son Jarred).

A couple of racers with some local seat time, Scott Heckert & Matt Tifft are also there, but no indication if they are in the BJ McLeod cars that they run around here.

Twin 100’s tomorrow for both Pro Lates and Super Lates.

Matt Tifft and Scott Heckert were in both of the cars out of the Bj Mcleod Motorsports shop

Sounds like a wild finish up there. Pollard leads with a few laps to go, Nasse bumps him up the track for the lead. Pollard returns by door slamming Nasse into the wall. Officials put Pollard to the back, Nasse to the front. On the re-start, TJ Reaid slams Nasse and junks his car. They put Reaid to the back. Kyle Benjamin, after spinning early and fighting back from around 18th, gets past all the mess and WINS.

I will say this about Naase…I have seen him race a few times…he seems to hit a lot of people when he passes them…he is usually fast but needs to learn how to pass with out knocking people out of the way…he obvioulsy does it a little harder than needs to be done thus the numerous times he get retaliated on…he is exciting to watch though.

According to speed51, it wasn’t a “bump”

“Nasse runs Pollard up the track and spins Pollard off the track.”

Pollard retaliated and ran Nasse into a wall. From what I’ve seen of Pollard, he is always fast and runs clean. So for him to retaliate, it must of been a pretty dirty pass on Nasse’s part.

Look forward to seeing the video…

I went to the race and i have to say that is a nice track. On the Nasse deal he forced Pollard high on the back stretch and sent him spinning out through the dirt. Pollard waited on him and slammed him. Bad move on Nasse cost Pollard the win and championship. Tj Reed gave the payback for Pollard. Those folks love Bubba and if the crowd could have gotten to him oh my. Bubba went to Nasse trailer and had a long talk with him. He handled it with class though. It was a great race, both were great and Mike Garvey had one of the hardest wrecks I have seen in a while during the pro race. Webster and Kenseth got together and both were sent to the rear. Daniel had a tough time coming from the rear but had a decent finish. Something broke on Campi car and he hit the wall on the front stretch. Anthony was looking good until then.