GREAT fun night of racing at PGS!

and saw so many good people i havent seen for so long! Dude Teate took the TBARA win… Saw so many awesome wonderful friends i dont get to see very often. Doug and Sherry Heveron came over… Rex Hollingers wife Patty and their kids came, Don Heckman! wow. that was so fun! and one of my dearest friends made it all right with me. No names but he made me happier than i have been in a long time. Jimmy Harris surprised me by coming up 2 weeks in a row. Want to share more but my eyes are ready to slam shut! GREAT night. Thank you Kevin, Terry and all the hard working staff. I dont think ive ever seen quite so many kids on the track trick or treating… was packed!
Nite everyone. :wink:
Carol Wicks :auto003: