Hobby Car For Trade

Camaro full frame that has been tied together in middle with square tubing completely gutted except for floor pan under driver and drivers compartment has been boxed in . Wieght jacks in front with outboard pro shocks,tubular uppers, stock lowers,racing springs. The back has racing leaf springs with chevy rear with locker (not sure on gear). Has partial body roof,quarters,and right side door. Car needs some work it has no steering shaft,pedals,right front shock,seat,window net,motor etc. Got the car in on trade and dont need it frame looks straight but going to need some tlc. looking to trade for lower class car v8 bomber or pure stock. I will reply on this site always on here so let me know what you have to trade. Thanks for looking Todd #95:sprachlos020:


hey todd I trade you a stock camaro front clip

Bo that is what this car is camaro front clip


yea I kown but you kown anyone who needs one I have one for sell $ 200.00

Ive got a race ready 4cyl bomber pontiac sunfire if your interested

Can you send some pics of the 4 cylinder to 850 630 3286 thanks.

How much for a cash deal?

How does $500 sound

What rear end is in the car where is the car at

It has a chevy 10 bolt rear with disc brakes.

Is the car still for sell

Yes and it is in panama city florida

The car is sold!!!