Drawing about to begin ! for Tires and Fuel !

OK I got home, no new entries postmarked from the 31st. I have entered 15 pre-entered drivers shown on the website into the drawing I will now begin drawing and announce in a a few minutes !!!

First the tires

First up was the tires and the winners are
2 Tires - Joseph Mursuli
1 Tire - Jeff Dulaney

Now will do the fuel !

Now the fuel

Ok now for the fuel
10 gal - Dylan Martin
5 gal - Brad Bowman
5 gal - Randy Leonard
5 gal - Danny Anderson
5 gal - Brent Huber

Also when I did the special week of entries back in July there were two drivers that entered in the time frame and they will receive a free Friday night pit pass they are

Jeff Dulaney
Jessica Green