To all veterans in all times!

To all of our vets before, now and in the future… There are no words adequate enough to thank you. I think of you everyday and my flag flies for you everyday… God bless all of you and once again I thank you for the sacrifices…There are many!

Carol Wicks

Thanks, Carol :slight_smile: I’m a nine-pus-year US Navy vet myself.

Just wanna give a shout-out to all my military brothers and sisters out there defending the US of A in these crazy-a** times. My oldest daughter, my son-in-law, and my son all workin’ their butts off so y’all can enjoy this freedom to go racin’ on the weekends. :slight_smile:

To my Dad, a Viet Nam veteran…and all the rest of y’all…

Happy Veteran’s Day! :slight_smile:


God bless you and your family Jim and all of the people we know who have and will serve. Higginbothersome… Love u …You are one serious ALL AMERICAN man!