Kyle Larson

This kid is definitely the real deal. Friday night, he damn near won the NASCAR Truck race in only his 3rd start. He went from there to Canyon Raceway Park, hopped in a dirt USAC Midget, and brought home another win.

I saw on Wind Tunnell that he’s gotten 27 wins this season (28 with Canyon), in 120 starts this year. Dirt or asphalt, midgets to Trucks, and K&N Series cars… This kid can, and DOES win in everything he drives.

The sports next Superstar is on a roll, and has major players watching him. He does have a Ganassi Racing development deal, but in my opinion, he should’ve waited for a bigger team to come knocking. Watch him take McMurrays seat in 2 years.

I’ve been following him in amazement for about 6 months. You’re right, he’s for real. By the way, he won the K&N chamionship last week at the Rock. Kenny Wallace said yesterday he should go straight to the Cup series. Great racer. billy

He won the Woo outlaw race at the Silver Dollar Speedway a few months ago too.

He started this year by winning the Red Eye 100 at New Smyrna… his first ever start in a Super Late, and won in a last corner, last lap pass. Also won a couple during the World Series at NSS.

I’m betting he’s been in close to 25 different cars this year alone.

Thats the impressive thing - ramp up time in a new type of car is next to nothing. Jumps from seat to seat and never misses a beat.

Hope he doesnt waste his time at Ganassi!

Jeff Gordon also stated that he has a lot more talent at his age than Jeff did at the same age. That is quite a statement for such a young man.,