Free entry fee for Wayne Anderson at CRASH A RAMA series NEXT FRIDAY


I told a friend who was going to attend that he’d probably see Wayne wreck somebody.

So TRUE!!! Saw it in the modified race on restart!! Had to pinch leader up and on outside wall and fence destroying a perfect car!

Man, I didn’t see it that way. They both had their hands in the cookie jar on that one. I would like to see a replay though. Wayne was giving it all he had on the bottom and john was crowding him…they touched and it was over.

I have sean the video it was 100% Anderson that caused it

Got a link to it? Would love to see it.

Hea Moe are u going to be there racing?? at Desoto
Hope so…


Going to the crash and bash at DESOTO SPEEDWAY for there newyears show. A bunch of tne guys from old town will be there with me… Hope u woll be there moe it will be good to crach with u agin…


Just might, A real shame John got wrecked and had that one covered. But that’s racing. Hope to see you in Desoto

Maybe your just partial to wayne and thats why you say both had hands in cookie jar john jr had the line lead for most of race didnt hit anyone ran clean until lap 75 or so then wayne moved up hit john jr where should jr have gone he was already at the wall from the push then damn he rode the fence tore it down came to rest still on waynes car up againest fence wow someone may need new glasses

If you knew me in the least you would know i am not partial to Wayne. Cant think of another instance where I would defend him frankly, but in this case, I saw John a good bit lower than he was previously coming of the turn for the start.

Love to see a video - until then we will just disagree.

Go to Crash a Rama series FOR MORE INFO

So u must think Wane was thinking …Ill just wreck both of us and it will be fun??
How about …Im going to pas him on the restart and john says… O no u wont… Opps

Its called hard racing and every now and then they will crash and emoshions will run hot.
This is what makes the sport so good.
Not i love u and u love me we are a happy famley
Its called a crash and the only people that know what happend for sure were in the wreck.
hope the BS works it self out so we can see both of them race agin soon.


well said mods arent cheap i dont think he would want to wad up both cars

Friday Night 7:30 ORLANDO SPEEDWORLD Be there.