Why "TRADITIONAL" sprint cars

PEOPLE ASK ME "Why am I so hung up on “TRADITIONAL” sprint cars…and at “KOKOMO SPEEDWAY” in particular…THIS IS WHY!!!



I get it you watch it for the wrecks and the music… “that’s a funny” Wings make you fly. Chip

Yes they do…and dope makes you high…just like “DRIFTING” …all alone on a conveyer belt going around in a circle…following the guy in front of ya…

and if you have ever been INVOLVED with the finances of a race car…you don’t like WRECKS…I love the SIDE x SIDE RACING

and NO on the music…this is more me!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRcdESrlAw8


Some people just don,t get it. To see the cars come of turn four 2,3, and 4 wide at the drop of the green. Watch a real rim rider, watch side by side cars swap their position 2 and 3 times a lap, see side by side racing all thru the field. No single file follow the leader. The only thing that could improve on this for me is the sound of an OFFY and the smell of castor oil!

I get it, Thanks for the yu tube link southern outlaw, got to watch stanbrough at gas city one year when we went to the little 500, awesome track in the middle of a corn field,I’ve had the pleasure of also seeing the USAC guys last year at ocala, all i can say is WOW what a show

Probably the best racing I’ve ever seen. Wish this state would support it. At least there were a few shows run wingless this year. Maybe it will grow. If it doesn’t, it’s not for lack of trying by the Southern Outlaw.

Where are the wings lol