USA International Speedway Lakeland, Florida


Too big to be a short track. Not enough capital to be a big track. Oh well, can’t blame them for trying something bold.

Kinda depressing and makes me feel old when I watch that.

Man that is so sad to see. It was such a great race track, now it is gone. The same thing happened to Mansfield Speedway in Ohio, great track, multable grooves, paved pits, great stands and P.A. system but was to big for a weekly short track, but not big enough to bring the big series car to race. I have been at both of them and it is really sad that our sport is in the shape that it is in and we have lost such nice tracks as these two…

By far the best track in the state. What a shame.

Add South Georgia Motorsports Park to the list (sort of). Great track, nicely put together, several top-notch series came to visit… and struggling to survive. I guess the Dragstrip they have does pretty well, but the weekly/monthly/occasional show now struggles to bring in cars or fans.

Another GREAT track on life support.

I remember the first super late model race there. Traffic was backed up for a long way. What a night with the cars from the Hooters series Cope, Anderson, Query, Gill, Gosselin, and the list goes on. Those were the days.

First time I went to USA was a group of about 15 of us. Could NOT find a single spot to park even 3-4 of our asses. Wound up watching a Hooters race from the bottom row of the ‘old’ grandstands on the back straight. The place probably held 12-15000 people, and we had to scrounge for the worst seats in the house.

Another thing it had going for it… CAMPING. Every race there would be well over 100 different groups camped out for the weekend. Made many friends, and woke up with a LOT of hangovers partying with that crowd. It was a cross between local racing, and a Talladega weekend.

We dont get that ANYWHERE else, unless you get to the Snowball Derby… which dwarfs anything else in southern short-track racing.

I hear ya. Hope to hear some good stuff from the snowball since I am I working. I will have to follow it on speed 51, and the folks here.

so sad…

i could cry when i see these pics. was the best track around and i loved going there with little bobby. lots of GREAT memories… hurts alot…

but they made another field to look at like we needed that.