Gladiator/Box Stock

94 Ford Escort Gt w/1.8 4 cylinder and Automatic has 4 point cage aluminum seat, No Belts, custom built front and rear bumpers. This would make a good 1st race car.#36

Car has a 2nd and 4th place finish on car with my 13 year old daughter driving it.

Asking $600.00
352-546-4934 Home (Wayne or Angela)
352-789-0882 Cell (Wayne)

Gladiator/box Stock

Throw a windsheild in and can go Asphalt racing… Good starter car can text pics of all 4 sides and interior, engine bay,rear with custom bumper and front, Race ready minus belts and seat or we can leave the seat!!! Make reasonable offer

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Still for sale

Gladiator/Box Stock/Kids Club

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can you send pics 3525355589 thanks

Race Car

Pics sent David