Snowball qualifying

Rogers, Choquette and Dorer all made the field Unofficially. Tech is upcoming.


  1. #77 David Ragen 16.485
  2. #8 John Hunter Nemechek
  3. #41R T.J. Reaid
  4. #51 Kyle Busch
  5. #9 Chase Elliott
  6. #4 Jermey Pate
  7. #26 Bubba Pollard
  8. #98 Daniel Hemric
  9. #4J Erik Jones
  10. #51N Stephen Nasse
  11. #0 Brad Rogers
  12. #22 Hunter Robbins
  13. #49 Augie Grill
  14. #29C Jeff Choquette
  15. #45 Dwayne Buggay
  16. #77 Chuck Barnes, Jr.
  17. #71 Kyle Benjamin
  18. #96 Ben Kennedy
  19. #84 Clay Alexander
  20. #10D Steve Dorer
  21. #10 Johanna Long
  22. #99S Casey Smith
  23. #5 Nelson Piquet, Jr.
  24. #2W Donnie Wilson
  25. #25 Ross Kenseth
  26. #2 D.J. Vanderley
  27. #11 David Rogers
  28. #41 Chris Davidson
  29. #21J Kyle Jones
  30. #36 Grant Enfinger
    Tech inspection will determine if the top 30 are good or not. Altogether 60 cars qualified tonight at Five Flags.

Just got an e-mail from my friend at the Derby and he said Scott Carlson has loaded his Super Late and is going home. Said he has a complete car right now and wants to keep it that way and not run a second chance race. Smart thinking really to keep your car in good shape for 2013.

Your official Pole Sitter… David Ragan

Talked to him for a few minutes today, what a geniune nice guy!! I took this photo during his qualifying run a few hours ago.

Outside row 1

I guess “Front Row” runs in the family.

Great shots!

Michael I thought that was you I saw standing by tech earlier today. Look for me tomorrow and say hi. I’ll be on Pit Road once racing starts reporting for both days.

I will tell my friend who is keeping me updated constantly on the Derby to look for you on pit road. He is a really nice guy and lives right there in Pensacola and never misses any races at Five Flags. At one time he was a Northern Modified driver until he had a bad wreck and decided to cut his car in half so he would not race anymore but he still is very involved in racing. Hope you are having a good time there.