Two of the biggest stars at this years "Snowball" were....

…Ronnie Sander’s winning Camaro and Jody Riddley’s Falcon. They were very cool!

The Sanders car was authentic, original and contained alot of parts from Pete Hamiltons Derby winning car as Hamilton had a hand in building it for the Derby. The Ridley car was a replica/tribute but still pretty damn cool!

I’ve got photos of both in my phone but can’t get them to upload. Will try again a little later.

The guy that built the falcon only lives about 30 miles from me. Seen it at a couple of shows.
I was trying to buy an old 82 model perimeter 5th design dillon built car from a guy to make a street car. He actually met the falcon driving down the road and thought it was a cool idea to see an old race car on the road. I’m now restoring it to the original driver’s configuation and paint scheme. Wish more people would save some old cars. I have and old 68 nova on a 64 chevelle frame limited that’s next in the shop.