No David Reutimann @ A-Dale

Heard David Reutimann cant make it this weekend, I am very dissapointed, might not make the trip now…:frowning:

I just spoke to Carter Perkins,Jakes’ dad, and David has an important meeting with a big sponsor for next years NASCAR racing.
A multi-million dollar meeting with a sponsor definately trumps an A’Dale race…
This news is about 3 days old and the promoters KNOW David won’t be there…

Well a certain promoter of that fine establishment is still going around telling everyone David is going to be there.

Yes… I’ve heard that too.

Ok, before this gets out of hand it is confirmed that David will not be able to compete this weekend. He has a meeting in NY City on Sat. with a potencial sponsor for his Cup deal for 2013. Yes we are disapointed that he can’t make it but, he has assured us that he will make it up next year on an off date. This should not change anyone’s plans on attending one of the Greatest Short Track Races of 2012. Thanks again to Rex & Colette Guy and their staff for all the effort that was put in to making the FUPS Finale happen at Auburndale Speedway.

Rick Williams
FUP Series Director

Before it gets out of hand??? Rick I think what the guys are saying, is maybe you should have wrote this 4 days ago, before we all knew about it. I am going to go to the race anyway, but when some little kid shows up, who’s parents drove 200 miles to get there, looking for David…Something this big should be on a-dale web site, and fups web site. Just my 2 cents, but what do I know???

200 miles?

Wow! Where are the thanks to Jake Perkins and his team. He was letting Dave drive one of his cars and his crew chief, Jimmy Cope had to get it ready. I know that took a lot of work. I have been following Jake since he was in karts. He is the only person who cared enough to post on his facebook the fact that Dave would not be there. He also showed his understanding of Dave’s situation and wished him the best. The kid even at his age is first class. Some of the promoters could learn from him. Good luck Jake. You deserve to be at the top!

Just let Jimmy drive the car now.

Heck Yeah!!! Put ole “4 time” in there. He will get it done.
Thanks to JCR for all you do for our race team. Would love to see Jimmy in a super late again anytime anywhere !!!

There are very few that can do what Jimmy does with a super late model

100 miles each way…richard!!!

I agree judge 357 , the kid is a class act, Chevyj31 just cuz david is not going to make it , should not be an excuse to not go see a bad ass show, just saying, and SPORT 603 I like youre thinking, That would be worth the price of a ticket to see daddy cope getting it done, that would bring back a lot of memories.

I say if the only reason you were is to see a star you should go all the guys racing are stars to someone and the more pepole in the stands the better the show gets so go and have a good time …GET OFF THE COUCH!!!