1965 chevy step side project

i have a 1965 chevy step side truck for sale. no motor no trans. it has been taken apart and about 90% of the metal work is done. it really just needs to be painted and put back together. i have all the parts except the wood for the bed. 1500.00 or trade for good pure stock motor or motor parts

Where is the truck located? Also, I have a few motors in stock. What can and can’t be done to the motor that you need?

as far as the motor goes it has to be a 390/410 cam with 72 cc heads with 1.5 rockers any 4 or 2 eyebrow pistons,

here are some pics of the truck they are not that good i can not find my camera so i had to take them with my phone.

price now $1300.00

sold thanks Karcac