need help with front suspension

hey everyone…im building my son a sportman car using a metric chassis…i need some help on what to use for it…we can change everything on the front suspension excect for the lower control arm mounts and have to run stock gm spindles.we can inchange from one model to the next.we can also change mounting hole postion…just cant change the mount where its welded to the frame. we race in alabama …any help anyone could give me i would…btw i love this site yall have …wish we had something like this for alabama…thanks !!!

tose the spindles and go with old style impala you will get the bigger bearings 11in rotors the change will help camber on left but kill it on the right iweld one inch to theright lower right control arm that gives you the camber back on the right Butyou can use after market uppers to cure the problem that the tall spindles make this does wonder fore the roll center on a metric . This was done a pure stock… it took frist place in points 1year and 2 the next year . tec man never found it . we had aball with it