Scott and Rick

A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to both of you!!! Thank you for keeping Jack’s legacy alive thru KARNAC! Keeps his spirit alive… Love from Carol

Thank you Carol Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too…


Thank you!

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and Your Family Also!

Jack’s spirit is helping me stay alive thankfully! I sure do miss him, as we all do. Good time to remember everyone’s friends, family and “racing” family.


I miss him too but i find great peace knowing he isnt suffering here but really lovin the life now. :wink: I hope you are ok… im here if ya need me. Love you and hope you and your have a VERY Merry Christmas and that 2013 will be awesome for you!
Love you

Jack is and always will be with us all. I know him, he is looking down on everything and sometimes asking now why did you do this or that. That was Jack.

Recently I had a near death experience and found myself right next to Jack. But he told me that I needed to go back because there was still work to do and I better do it. So that is how I know he is still with us.

You never ever forget the people you love as long as you hold them in your heart and that is where Jack Smith lives for me. But I know he would tell everyone “Have a very Merry Christmas and I will see you in 2013”.

So, Merry Christmas to all and to all a very Happy 2013.