pure/street stock

I have a big body olds 72 ish car for sale full cage bumper 2 bumper has good seat and cover good gages aftermarket pedals and wilwood master cylinders racing shocks and springs all the way around has a fuel cell in it but comes with a extra one bigger extra rims radiator has chevy rearend under it but i have a 9"housing that goes with great cage in this car need to sale to get motor for sportsman 800 firm lots of parts to go with dont want any more purestock stuff thanks for looking trying to put pics up but text and ill send them to u 386-688-0749


do not have text send me pic to bo.blanchette@yahoo.com

do you want to sell the rims end the radiator

Sorry package deal throwing in a rebuildable 305

Ttttttto the top

Any trades? Can I get pics? 386 785 9048 thanks

race car

hey man can you send pich to weldandcrazyer@yahoo.com :slight_smile:

Pics sent thanks for looking


send me pic to bo.blanchette@yahoo.com

Been sitting in my yard way to long needs to go come get it good deal


Please send photos to mod-52@hotmail.com
Thank you

Pics sent thanks for looking

Many people looking maybe sold sat. But for now still for sale willing to trade for equal value thanks

Saturday ONLY from 12:00 to4:00 ill be home come get this stuff for 700 SATURDAY ONLY have thanks for looking


can you send pich of car to weldandcrazyer@yahoo.com and do you still have the camaro you bote from me:)

Pics sent let me know if u got them i can text them to u if u didnt get them

Sorry no camaros any more except both of my spotsmans

Come get this car 500 with no extra stuff 700 with all the extra stuff thanks for looking


i could give you 400 and the other 8 wide 5 rims i have if you are interested

When u coming to get it