Little 500 Night, Friday 1-18-13

Ok race fans, lets blow off some steam and have a good time. The 7’th edition of Little 500 Night is coming on Friday night, Jan. 18, 2013 at the Lil’ 500 track in Orlando. Click on the link for directions and an event flyer.

As always, everyone is invited and everyone is welcomed. Lets have a night where we can leave the stress at home and enjoy hanging out with friends both old and new. We’ll get lots of drivers, mechanics and racing fans from around the state, and even officials and track owners. We may argue for the rest of the year, but lets have a blast tonight!

The track is extending us a discounted rate of $2.50/ride!

HANDY TIP from Joe Winchell: bring two hats that are different colors. This way, if you get thrown out for rough driving, all you have to do is change hats. The track staff won’t notice and you’ll be back in action. He has demonstrated this before, so we know it works. Thanks Joe!

Today I realized that the site hadn’t been updated from the 2012 LFN, so the webmaster finally got moving and added a bunch of photos.

That date has the least real racing of any weekend all year. I can’t find any other racing on that night, and only PGS is racing that weekend. Of course they are on the next night, and its 200 miles away. There shouldn’t be any other racing conflicts, so I hope to see y’all there. Bring a sense of humor!

Pete Orr race Sat 19th

Pete Orr Memorial is Sat. the 19th at New Smyrna Speedway, but the Friday night should be great !

You are right Rick. And they are having practice on the 18’th too. Bummer.

Marking my calender for this one NOW, #4 for us too.
Looking forward for more carnage and good friends…:huepfen024: :ernaehrung004:

Sounds good!

I’ll be there… winning the Little 500 feature will turn around my whole season!

My company (might) be sending me to Fler-Duh in Jan for some jobs as a treat for me fixing the mess in Chicago for them. If so i will be there.

Went last night and got a couple races in. Last-to-first twice in a row for 2 wins.
This is MY year… just look at the date… 1/18.

Hey Jerry! How much did you have to pay Rex to pick “that” date?

This is MY year

Frass, you bring out the worst in me. Now I can’t wait to be the one to crush your dreams of victory.

Did you see the pix on the updated website?

Can’t win it if I’m there lol…always a great time and make for some great conversion at dennys afterwards :slight_smile:

Count me in boys…I’ll be bring my mystery driver in from Hahira Ga. to sub for me…
so you can put the women and children to bed, cause we will be
hunting that night!!!

A mystery driver from Georgia huh? Thats great, the racing is always better when the leaders have to work through lapped traffic.

I’m glad you are coming Wayne, and bring that son of yours too. We can form a class and crown the super heavyweight champion!

Hahira, Georgia could it be Slyder Guthrie.